Žagarės pieninė

About us

History of “Žagarės Dairy”

The history has started, when an idea has came to mind…
Idea about the milk, about those who will give,
About those who will prepare and work on it,
And the ones who will enjoy to drink
The wide “Skaistgiris’s” grasslands, delicious milk.

And this milk will become a desire for majority of people…


The legends tells about hunter lost in very dense forest. One day he promised to forest spirits – to build a castle in that place, if they will help him to get out of trouble. They’ve helped for him and the hunter has kept his promise. That’s how the village named “Skaistgiris” arose.

Probably the one who had built the dairy, had a connection with nature spirits, too. In the favor of them, he started to build the “Castles of Milk”, which are named now as farms and dairies. Words came out that it’s going to be not a simple, but a farm of dreams. There are going to work the dreaming cows. Just imagine more than 2,500 cows not just dreaming, but giving more than 60 tons of milk.

While the surrounding farmers were considering questions of cattle-breeding probability and unprofitably there has came a new and modern – one of the most biggest dairy farms in the Baltic countries.

So in spring of 2015, just after Easter Sunday, the “Žagarės Dairy” has opened their doors. We have had our first production – milk, cottage cheese and cheese.

The work in the “farm of dreams” have started with love and dedication. The work which gives results. How can be different, when the cows are fed by fodder grown and prepared by ourselves. That’s how the milk prepared with love will reach the customer.

Initiators of the project have taken care that dairy products would be prepared with the equipment of known and trustful companies. They have also taken care that all the advanced technology installed would guarantee the best production capacity. No doubt, after tasting the purified taste, everyone will be amazed – they will look for and buy the “white miracle” coming from “Skaistgiris’s” grasslands.

At first we will offer the pasteurized milk, sour milk, sour cream and cheese which reminds so much loved cheese made by grandmother.

We will not stop creating, and we will produce the top-quality products for everyone.


Milk should be seen as the most perfect and valuable food product. The milk was elected millions of years ago to feed all the living creatures, including the human.

Just since human birth, between milk and the human special relation is being created. Which is determined by indescribable, exciting and deep spirituality and which is embodied in this element. Not only in protein materials.

Milk has billions of alive cells, which depends on thousands chaotically and simultaneously active compounds. It all are working tirelessly to turn it’s material into small, concentrated and constantly changing universe. That’s what determines the spirituality of the milk.


According to Vedda people, people must consume a lot of various food, produced of cow’s milk, because this powerful meal makes people more happy.

Milk’s energy source is a moon. The moon – planet, having the highest female prada. If connection with the moon is right, human becomes more peaceful. Cow’s milk helps human’s mind to have a better connection with the moon and to be more peaceful. Those who understand this important true, every night before sleep drinks a cow’s milk. That’s how they keep their mind clear and peaceful.


Did you know that…
  • A cow in it’s life gives about 200,000 cups of milk.
  • Cow’s fur color is all different, there are no two cows having same identical colors.
  • Majority of cows gives more milk, while listening to music.
  • Missy holstein cow is the most expensive cow alive currently. Missy (the cow) was sold for 1.2 million USD in Canada.